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Clean-cut Disney group whose 3D movie caused Mark Kermode some troubled feelings - but in a way that, because of the 3.30pm broadcast slot, he couldn't really explain.

Mark wanted to make it clear that he didn't dislike the film because of the music, which he didn't think was great in comparison to Busted or McFly but hey, it's not for a mid-40s dad like him to judge (plus, it was better than U2's 3D concert movie, because it didn't have Bonio being sanctimonious in the middle of it and setting fire to the stage). No - what Mark struggled with was that Disney were clearly marketing the Jonas Brothers as clean-cut, family-friendly fun for young teenagers - so why did the film have bit in it where the three of them stand at the front of the stage squirting foam all over the audience?

Simon Mayo very much enjoyed pushing Mark to explain exactly what he meant by finding this part troubling.

Meanwhile, listener Tom in Sheffield recommended typing the word "Jonas" into a mobile phone with predictive text and seeing the only other word available. Simon immediately worried he should not have read that out. (The word, for anyone not still in possession of an old Nokia, was "knobs").

During the week following the review, a number of listeners wrote to say that everything Mark had said about them was pointed out in a South Park episode aired some months beforehand.