Jennifer Aniston

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Hollywood A-list star actress who made her name with the TV series Friends - which Mark insists he could never see the point of watching, as he had some real friends of his own. Every time he sees her face, Mark wonders why it is not on television. (Which is probably why her best film performance is thought to be her voiceover work in The Iron Giant - in which, obviously, her face could not be seen).

Aniston is the star of some of the most consistently poorly-reviewed films on Wittertainment. They include Marley And Me (oppsite Owen Wilson), The Break-Up (opposite Vince Vaughn), The Bounty Hunter (opposite GERARD BUTLER), Just Go With It (opposite Adam Sandler), Horrible Bosses 2 (opposite Kevin Spacey), and He's Just Not That Into U2 (opposite Bradlety Cooper). Her run of poor mid-2000s films caused her to become something of an inverted Philip Seymour Hoffman, for whom the rule was that there is no such thing as a bad Philip Seymour Hoffman movie. When Along Came Polly - which features both Aniston and Hoffman - was brought up as evidence, Mark explained that it was a Jennifer Aniston movie that was elevated by the presence of Hoffman.