Inglourious COUGHING

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"It's way too long, and it doesn't make any sense, and the minute Eli Roth walks in, you give up" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

Quentin Tarantino film about how Brad Pitt won the Second World War for America by using Native American military tactics.

Wittertainment was allowed to refer to its full title once, and then could only do it by coughing over the second word.

Mark saw the film a whole six weeks before its release, but was forced to sign an embargo form preventing him from revealing what he thought about it. This was despite reviews appearing in Empire magazine, amongst other places. Simon Mayo suggested listeners contribute ways they might be able to induce Mark to break the embargo. He held tight despite one listener offering to burn all his girlfriend's U2 CDs, but when Chris at Camp Bestival emailed promising to finance a Comsat Angels world tour, he caved and gave the verdict quoted at the top of this entry.

Mark was quite cross to read a blog that accused him of being a fascist for not liking it very much.

One listener named Gareth got an Email Of The Week acknowledgement for pointing out that any movie that leaves you disappointed when Hitler gets shot is surely not up to the mark.