House Of Wax

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"Any movie in which celebrity slapper Paris Hilton meets a sadistically grizzly end cannot be all bad" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

2005 remake of a 1953 horror film, which itself was a remake of an earlier 1933 film called Mystery Of The Wax Museum. Involves a moment in which Paris Hilton dies after being impaled on a pole through her head.

The 1953 was a key moment in the development of 3D films - despite its director Andre de Toth only having one eye, and therefore being completely unable to see the 3D effect himself.

Mark tried to crowbar this fact into any discussion about the film, its remake, or 3D itself. Simon cheerfully refused to play along, so that every time Mark would say "Andre de Toth famously had..." he interjected with a shout of "mumps!"