Hostel 2

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"What [Eli Roth] is interested in is reliving all his infantile fantasies of 70's sleaze movies and getting people like Bijou Philips trussed up in this incredibly leery fashion and then behaving abominably to them under the pretext of occasionally, 'oh, it's all to do with Abu Ghraib, oh it's all to do with media images of violence' - no it isn't Eli. No it isn't. You know it isn't, I know it isn't, your mum knows it isn't" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Also known as Hostel Part Durrr. So bad, Mark called for executive producer Quentin Tarantino to be put in prison for life, on the charge of being completely full of himself.

The film is better than Captivity, but as Mark put it, this is like comparing warts.