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During the show on 6th May 2016 the much loved Tom Hiddleston joined the Good Doctors in the studio to chat about his new film, I Saw The Light. This movie is based on the story of country music legend Hank Williams. After some on-line chats Tom brought along a guitar and Mark lugged his double bass/bull fiddle/violone into the studio. The pair performed a couple of Hank Williams' songs, and these were recorded, though the wonders of modern technology, in full 360 degree "Hiddlevision". When viewed via an appropriate device the viewer change swing their viewpoint around to either gaze longingly at the ever wonderful Mr Hiddleston, along to Simon filming the whole thing on lead cameraphone, and all the way round to stare up Mark's nose as he slaps the strings of his beloved instrument (his double bass!).