Her Majesty Mrs Brown

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Known just as Mrs Brown in the UK, this Dame Judi Dench-starring costume-fest - in which Queen Victoria deals with her grief over the loss of her Prince Albert by flirting with Billy Connolly - got a longer title in the US, in order to play up the full force of its royalty. For some reason, Mark Kermode saw the American trailer - in which Trailer voice hammers home the first two words - so many times that the US title, said in Trailer Voice, became his default way of referring to the film.

Scandalously, in a decision almost as bad as that of Driving Miss Daisy, the Oscar for Best Actress went not to Dench but to Helen Hunt for As Good As It Gets.

Simon pointed out with some pride that the first title seen in the film is that of BBC Scotland, who part-funded the film.

It shouldn't need pointing out that this is nothing to do with Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie.