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What started out as a weekly greeting to actor and show listener Jason Isaacs grew to encompass various other listeners of note. This expansion began after Oh Danny Boyle commented that while Sunshine was on release he would like to be involved in reviewing the Box Office Top 10, but was unable to due to being in Edinburgh. So Simon said hello to him as well as Jason, and Mark at the point added also that he wanted to include regular correspondent Peter in the Czech Republic. The list has gone on to include:







  • Podcast listeners
  • Vodcast viewers
  • Martin in Old Portsmouth
  • Cornish Darren Fewins, who Mark referred to as a very intelligent man and was made to cry because Simon asked "Why was Nebraska filmed in Black & White?"
  • Darren Haroo, who transformed the review of Straightheads to make it sound like a smashing endorsement
  • Peter Graham in Stratford Ontario - who specifically got a "hello from a gay icon" from Mark
  • Ellie Sewell in Canada, who wrote in to ask to be said "hello" to
  • Matt Stopforth, who also wrote in to ask to be said "hello" to, only for Simon to overrule it on the grounds that he is not famous
  • Merrin Smith in the Scilly Isles, who got a "hello" for Exorcist-related reasons
  • Rob, Phil, Andrew, and Richard halfway up Mont Blanc in a tent, wearing gloves on their feet
  • Tony and Simon who went all the way from Nottingham to Hampshire for reasons best known to themselves
  • The Man In John Lewis Who Complained That Wittertainment Was Not On Often Enough
  • Leeds University Student Radio
  • Rebecca Foster the bride; Michael Thompson the groom, Steven Spencer the Best Man, and everyone else on the stag party to Germany that was in front of Mark when he was flying back from Leeds to Southampton after the first Live Wittertainment
  • Sam Lawton, recovering from an operation, who had just discovered Local Hero
  • Laura Newport, whose friend Chris Knight bought her a signed Dodge Brothers CD at Cropredy in 2009 for her birthday
  • Anyone else who knows Mark



  • Simon Mayo (saying hello to himself in the recorded edition for Christmas 2008)

TV chefs

  • Rusty Lee (said hello to by Colin Murray, "because I worry about her")

People Who Work On The Programme

Both the above received their "hello to" from Simon Mayo on stage receiving the 2009 Sony Award for Best Speech Programme, but since this was played out on a special Mayo show the next day, it still counts


  • The whole of New Mexico

Not Lionel Ritchie

When saying 'Hello to Jason Isaacs', it is important to leave a pause afterwards, as he is known to say hello back.

At Christmas 2007, there was a special Happy Christmas to... which was said to, amongst others, Chris Columbus, Julian Sands and Danny Dyer.