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Who is taller? You decide.

The appearance of the presenter and contributor in the cover art for the Podcast caused a discussion on their relative heights, Mark claiming to be 6’ and Simon 5’ 11 ¾”. Who was tallest was settled by a Twitter poll of a back to back picture of the Good Doctors. Simon was deemed to be the taller (winning 70% of the votes), once Mark's trademark Quiff was accounted for (assuming that his head does not go all the way to the top of it). It should be pointed out that we do not know for how long Simon and Mark had been awake for when the voted on picture was taken. This is significant as Mark maintains that it is a scientific fact that you are at your tallest when you have just got out of bed and shrink, under the force of gravity, whilst you are vertical throughout the day. Sam the osteopath confirmed this via email, stating that "our intervertebral discs gradually dehydrate during the day, resulting in them thinning. Hence reducing height as the day progresses. At night they rehydrate. Hence why you are tallest first thing in the morning.".

If going for a medical Mark recommends going early in the day as you will be taller and therefore can get away with being slightly wider/heavier.