Hard Candy

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"Take your boyfriend to see Hard Candy and he will behave really well for the rest of the weekend" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Described as "leg-crossing fun", and Mark's date movie of choice.

A little like Teeth, reviewing the film required some verbal dexterity ("it had an extended sequence that was real duck-and-cover stuff") on behalf of the Good Doctor, given the time of Wittertainment's broadcast. Once one key scene became more broadly known, Mark made a reference to how the film turned the tables on the male members of the audience.

When Mark made it his Movie of the Week, Simon (who would later reveal he would rather see The Lake House than this) repeatedly asked him to pick something else; the end of that week's podcast was simply 20 seconds of Mark shouting "Hard Candy" over Simon again and again.