Good Luck Chuck

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"Set yourself on fire rather than see it" - Mark Kermode, Radio 5live

Comedy described as "barfsome" by Dr K, featuring a triple-breasted woman and three times as much misogyny as that already implies.

The film ends with an extended sequence involving a man and a toy penguin that is as good an advertisement for global warming as will ever be made. Mark felt that, while he did not actually believe in the concept of obscenity, nevertheless there were some things that should be left "ob-scene" - ie, off-stage - in the Greek sense of the word, and the penguin sequence was one of them.

It particularly upset Mark because it was released in the same week as Bug, which he loved. Bug was shown in one cinema in London's West End. Good Luck Chuck opened nationwide and went to number one in the Box Office Top 10 the next week. Mark suggested the difference between these two openings was the difference between the possible future in which everything is better, and the decline of Western civilisation and end of world apocalypse.