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Dr Kermode is lucky enough to be married to an actual Professor of Film at Exeter University Linda Ruth Williams, specialising in sexuality and censorship in movies and literature. She is apparently a fan (quite possibly "the" fan) of the film Basic Instinct 2, starring occasional stand-in host of the show David Morrissey.

If you quote "the film critic Mark Kermode" in an essay, it scores an instant D minus. However referencing A Matter of Life and Death may be beneficial to your grade, as this is the GLPHI's favourite film.

The Good Lady Professor occasionally texts the show, usually to correct something Mark has said.

Mark consistently credits her with changing his opinion of the film AI: Artificial Intelligence (or A.I. Artificial Intelligence, or AI Artifical Intelligence), leading to his unprecedented apology to the film's director Steven Spielberg. Their mutual detest for Lars von Trier's film Breaking The Waves was a key moment in their early relationship, although the first film they saw together was at Cornerhouse, the film Near Dark - "an absolutely blood-drenched vampire movie, and I think it set us on a good path." (Incidentally, the first film Simon saw with the Good Lady Ceramicist Her Indoors was Death Wish II. Mark was impressed at hearing this, as "of all of them, that's the really offensive one").

It was the Good Lady Professor who identified that Ikea Knightley could potentially undergo the career re-evaluation that Helena Period Drama did, although Mark would later claim it as his own idea.

Mark tells a lovely story of he and the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors walking through Central Park in March in the early 1990s and being engulfed in a blizzard. It was in fact artificial snow, which was coming from the set of the Chris Columbus movie Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. The film was still rubbish though.