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"I could actually feel myself getting stupider." - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

A slightly curious case, in that while Geostorm is even more stupid than the "intergalactically stupid" Angels and Demons (a film whose plot was that antimatter had been stolen and placed under the Vatican), it was, Mark Kermode argued, so stupid that the viewer got stupider as it went along. Hence, the further into the film one went, the more one began to enjoy things like a clock that counts down to the second when a weather event will start, or international catastrophe needing to be averted by turning something off and then turning it back on again.

Of course it is as utterly terrible as a film based around GERARD BUTLER playing a weather scientist inventing a bomb that can blow up clouds suggests, but because of the neural shutdown that occurs as part of the viewing experience, at some point it does the Mamma Mia thing of becoming so bad it's actually hilariously funny. As a result of being such complete nonsense it is almost enjoyable in the same way White House Down was, Geostorm only ended up at number 7 on the Worst Films Of 2017 list on Kermode Uncut.