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"Badly written, badly acted, badly directed, really sicky and horrible and nasty, and does demonstrate that probably Christmas has been overtaken by Satan" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Vince Vaughn Christmas movie that made Mark sick. The plot posits that St Nicholas has a lesser-known brother. The film claims that when being made a saint, one automatically becomes immortal, as do all of their family. Logically this hit the problem that in order to become a saint, the very first qualification is to be dead. Relatedly, Fred Claus doesn't age in many hundreds of years, making him effectively a vampire and the film a horror movie waiting to happen.

Like Little Man, the film had the heads of other actors pasted over the heads over little person actors, something Mark felt to be a "very, very bad thing" and rather like blacking up. Like Good Luck Chuck, Mark felt the film was obscene in the Greek sense.