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"On the poster, it says, 'as if The Matrix met Donnie Darko'. And the key phrase there is, 'as if'" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

A bloke wanders around with a bag on his head, looking like Rorschach from Watchmen. Eva Green plays a student whose professor tells her he can't support her art project in which she keeps attempting to film herself committing suicide, in case the college is sued - although Mark Kermode thought it would more accurately be "pseud."

The press notes for the film were so baffling, Mark insisted on reading them out in full:

Set between the parallel worlds of contemporary London and the futuristic metropolis of Meanwhile City, "Franklyn" weaves a tale of four lost souls, whose lives are intertwined by fate, romance and tragedy. As these worlds collide, a single bullet determines the destiny of these four characters.

It left Mark feeling disappointed as nuts.