Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed

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This phrase, possibly the most damning possible for any movie, was first used by Mark Kermode to describe the 2005 film Hide And Seek, in which Robert de Niro delivers one of his "give me the cheque" performances.

It has since been employed for a number of terrible films. Sometimes it gets a little twist - such as "everyone involved should be hit with a rubber hose" (Captivity) or "It's not that everybody involved should be thoroughly ashamed - everybody involved clearly is thoroughly ashamed" (Movie 43)

Mark also said it during his cameo appearance as himself on Newsnight Review in Ricky Gervais' TV series Extras, leading to a discussion about films which have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Mark was once rendered thoroughly ashamed of himself, after several listeners noted that he was filmed talking with Bill Forsyth throughout a special screening of Local Hero for The Culture Show.