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The act of empty chairing a person is to go ahead with meeting/discussion that they should be involved in, but have chosen to omit themselves from, in the hope that by not attending the meeting/discussion would be called off.

While the meeting/discussion is taking place and you are the person who should be there, but are not, you are in the process of being empty chaired, and the people going ahead the with meeting/discussion are empty chairing you. After the meeting/discussion you should consider yourself empty chaired.

Originates from a news report on 23/1/15, after which Simon and Mark discussed Political Leaders not attending TV debates, as detailed in Mark's favourite newspaper. Mark actually crashed this news report, exclaiming "empty-chaired?", his tone of voice obviously questioning the use of "empty-chair" as a verb. Apparently he and Simon's microphones are left live during the news and traffic bulletins. One imagines this policy may be reviewed.