Effety Jeffety

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A term used to describe the "eff'ing and jeff'ing", otherwise known as cussing or swearing, that takes place in certain genres of film. It was used a significant number of times during the review of London Has Fallen on 4th March 2016. An example of the use of this phrase is Mark describing the way that film pans out, "Effety jeffety! Effety jeffety! Blah blah blah blah blah. Crashy crashy. Punchy smashy. Shooty crashy. Effety jeffety! Effety jeffety!" When it appears in movies such as Only God Forgives or Drive, it can be referred to as "Winding Refn Effn n Jeffn".

When he appeared on Wittertainment to promote the film Once, Glen Hansard managed to drop both the word "piss" and the f-bomb within the first two minutes of being interviewed.