Edith Bowman

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Chirpy, blonde-haired, Fife-born television and radio presenter who has occasionally been a co-host and contributor to the show, often with fellow Scot Robbie Collin. Bowman has hosted film related shows for British TV and radio before, such as The Vue Film Show for Channel 4 and Radio 1's Review Show. She is a supporter of Manchester United. Mark Kermode went to the similarly named Manchester University.

Bowman first cropped up on Wittertainment when she talked on Radio 1 about being at a screening with James King and hearing "some bloke [Mark] giving James King a really hard time" over his review of Role Models; James was quoted on the poster - "packed full of big, big belly laughs. Role Models is genius," a review Mark mentioned every time Role Models appeared in the following weeks' Box Office Top 10.

Bowman described attending the screening of Nymphomaniac with Mark as "like watching porn with my father."