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At the second Live Wittertainment at the Edinburgh Cineworld as part of the 2009 Edinburgh Film Festival, the audience were once again invited to contribute their thoughts on the films in the UK Box Office Top 10, just as they had done in Leeds. Time considerations (the show had already squeezed in interviews with Bill Forsyth, Jimi Mistry, Alan Cumming and Duncan Jones) meant that that Mark had to step in a couple of times to make sure the news happened vaguely in its slot, however:

10) Coraline - reviewed by Eve from Glasgow - "I thought it was the best 3D film I'd seen - but I am kind of stingy, and I haven't seen that many because I'm reluctant to pay the extra £2 to get the 3D glasses”

9) Last Chance Harvey - reviewed by Mark - "any movie in which Emma Thompson stands quietly and has a little personal breakdown is worth it by me"

8) Looking For Eric - reviewed by Mark - "I think it’s great, and I don’t know about sport."

7) The Last House On The Left - reviewed by Mark - "My question is, why would you remake Last House On The Left?"

6) Star Trek - reviewed by Alison from Edinburgh - "I really enjoyed it. The only thing that was out of place - when you see the original Spock, this teeth have gone where teeth should not go."

5) Angels and Demons - reviewed by Matthew from Durham - "it's better than The Da Vinci Code". (To which Mark replied, "So is slamming your hand in the car door.")

4) Drag Me To Hull - reviewed by Daniel from Glasgow - "I thought the ending was brilliant. The biggest punch in the face I've ever seen. Not a literal punch in the face." (Mark: "I think it's good that he clarified that when you go to see the movie, someone doesn't actually come out and punch you in the face.")

3) Night At The Museum 2 - reviewed by "you, sir" - "Hank Azaria was very funny. The rest of it was a bit boring."

2) Terminator Saladnation - reviewed by Ben from Middlesbrough - "McG has actually ruined James Cameron's original vision - because now this chilling dystopia has been revealed to be a camp Transformers."

1) The Hangover - reviewed by Mark - "I just don't think guys getting drunk in Las Vegas is funny."