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Game that succeeded the backflip - and a sequel of sorts to the Misprint game - this was suggested by long-term listener and first-time emailer James. The aim is to improve a film's title by removing the last letter.

James himself suggested:

Colin Murray, the stand-in Simon Mayo when James submitted the game, then suggested:

  • Escape To Victor - "they all try to locate Richard Wilson's house"
  • Jaw - "he would have been totally ineffective if he only had one jaw"
  • Grumpy Old Me - "which would probably sum up a lot of us around here"

Andrew Collins, that week's stand-in Mark Kermode, brought in:

  • Apocalypse No
  • Watch Me - "it's a film about me, and you have to watch it."
  • Hallowee
  • Earthquak - "my favourite disaster movie with a duck theme"
  • 30 - "just 30 Spartans"

Listener suggestions then included:

  • The Incredible Hull
  • Three Men And A Boa
  • Falling Dow ("very topical")
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pear
  • The Magnificent Seve - "the ultimate golf biopic"
  • Jurassic Par - "Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum attempt to play a round of golf avoiding tyrannosaurs and veloceraptors"
  • The Lady And The Tram
  • Romeo And Julie
  • Alien - "the sequel to Alien"
  • Kingdom Of Heave - suggested by Jack Blackburn; later suggested independently by another listener named Gemma - "one man's struggle to save Jerusalem from a widespread case of gastroenteritis"
  • The Thin

James King submitted a trio of movies about a mother with extraordinary powers:

  • Batma
  • Spiderma
  • Superma

The week after, a listener named John noted that four films on release that day worked:

Others submitted that week or later included:

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbi
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Ban - "set in a convent"
  • X-Me - "A home-made special interest movie"
  • The Wizard Of O - "A lesser-known Pauline Reage sequel"
  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factor - "An obese child enters a chocolate-eating contest hosted by Gordon Burns"
  • Marley And M - "A James Bond vibe"
  • The Spy Who Loved M - a slightly different take on the James Bond vibe

Comic singer Mitch Benn then got thoroughly involved:

  • Man On Fir - "Denzel Washington is put on top of a Christmas tree by whimsical bad guys"
  • The Blues Brother - Dan Aykroyd milks it one last time, but can't persuade anyone else to be the other one"
  • Bi - "Tom Hanks makes a wish and discovers he quite likes boys and girls"
  • Panic Roo - "Skippy The Bush Kangeroo gets stuck down a well"
  • Far From The Madding Crow - "Exit Julie Christie, pursued by raven"
  • 198 - "Roman totalitarianism"
  • Final Fantas - "Last human alive trying to save the last fizzy orange drink from an invading alien"
  • Forrest Gum - "Everyone comes to a sticky end"
  • The Long Good Frida - "the harrowing story of an especially tall, but especially worthy, blonde Norwegian woman"
  • No Country For Old Me - "an elderly gentleman retires to the Costa Del Sol"
  • There Will Be Bloo - "one man’s quest to invent a self-flushing toilet"
  • A Hard Day's Nigh - "The Beatles find themselves struggling to shake off a sense of impending doom"
  • Hell - "The Beatles were right about about the whole impending doom thing"

Other listeners dropped letters from other or both words to make:

  • Easter Promises - "Featuring an edge-of-your-seat fight between Viggo Mortensen and the Easter Bunny in a Russian bathhouse"
  • Tax Drive - "Robert de Niro stars as a man on the edge, entering a crisis, despised by society - as the Chancellor of the Exchequer"
  • Little Omen - "With their father away fighting the Civil War, the story follows the relationships between Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, Marge, their mother and the Devil's spawn"