Drag Me To Hull

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Sam Raimi's 2009 fun - Drag Me To Hell, but acquired its alternative title around the time of the Credit Crunch Movies game and failed to shake it off.

Mark Kermode was a big fan. Raimi's approach with films like Evil Dead was to do "the Three Stooges but with blood and guts standing in for custard pies" - and Drag Me To Hull was perfectly in this mould. Raimi who described it as "like a ghost train ride", which Mark thought was exactly right. Mark particularly enjoyed doing an impression of the evil black-headed goat Lamia.

When reviewed by audience member Daniel in the Edinburgh Box Office Top 10, Daniel described the ending as "a punch in the face". He then clarified that he didn't mean this literally.

Later that year, Wittertainment would drag itself to Hull, for the third Live Wittertainment at 5 Live's Oktoberfest.