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"Totally heartless, vacuous, empty, noisy, shouty, headbanging (but in a pointless way), drooling over its violence in a way that you used to get away with by calling it post-modern but now just has to be called empty-headed - and it goes on and on and on and on, and you feel that you're being battered around the head by a commercials film-maker (which indeed you are) and then everything goes bang and then it stops." - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

A film that begins with the death of a goldfish, ends with everything in the whole world blowing up, and in the middle has a bunch of incidental conversations between Ikea Knightley as a posh-girl-turned-bounty-hunter and a mumbling Mickey Rourke with a face like Quasimodo, interspersed with appearances from Christopher Walk-on and Ikea doing a lapdance for a Latino drug cartel.

Mark described the film as having a "weird repugnance" in that it had absolutely no humanity whatsoever: "it really cannot just be down to senseless, stupid, violent, shouting, glamorous photography - but apparently it is."