Dogpocalypse Bow-wow

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Hachi: A Dog's Tale. Mark loves dog movies and he loves Richard Blinky Gere; his glee at the screening was so palpable that James King Tweeted "Mark Kermode is exceptionally excited about this film."

The film is a true-life biopic of a Japanese dog and his businessman. The film left Mark in floods of tears, and features Gere avunculing very well, though the fact that it features two unfortunate events made it somewhat challenging as a kid's film. Mark was reluctant to reveal the exact extent of the unfortunate events, leading both Simon and a guesting Jason Isaacs to guess at them - Jason suggesting that "there are clearly dogs dying all over the place" and Mark rebranding the film Dogpocalypse Bow-wow.

The film also gets included on Witterpedia on the grounds that Simon's very fine joke of calling the director Lassie Hallstrom went completely unacknowledged by Mark at the time and deserves greater recognition.