Dirty Sanchez: The Movie

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"I'd like them to all go off to a club together and do what it is they clearly want to do, and stop inflicting it on the rest of us" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Jackass but in Wales, with four men engaging in profoundly homoerotic encounters and then hitting each other any time someone suggests that doing these things might in any way be gay. Mark urged them to stop making films in order to deal with the desires they were hiding from themselves and instead just accept that everyone is polymorphously bisexual.

Simon disagreed with this assessment on sexuality (although not the assessment of the movie), even asking reporter Andrew Fletcher, who happened to be in the studio, if he too was polymorphously bisexual. Fletcher replied "not last time I checked."

Meanwhile, Mark suggested that a double bill of this film and Little Man - both riding high in the charts in September 2006 - would "really make you wonder where the world is at the start of the 21st Century."