Dinner For Schmucks

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"Unpleasant in the way that if you take a piece of fruit and leave it under the sofa in the corner of the room and it starts to rot and disintegrate and make a smell and you can't quite figure out where the horrible putrefaction is coming from, but you know there is a bad odor in the atmosphere. You can smell how bad the film is." - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

From a certain point of view, Dinner For Schmucks - in which Paul Rudd brings Steve Carrell and his collection of dead hamsters to tea as a way of impressing his boss - could be considered a definitive Brechtian Alienation Device, in which the actors continually remind the audience that they are the schmucks for paying to watch such humourless drivel in the first place.

The movie is based on a French film called Le Diner De Cons. The cons had no dessert at their diner, of course, because they were all out of souffle.