Die Hard Four Point Less

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Die Hard 4.0 in the UK and Live Free Or Die Hard in the US. Fourqual of the John McClane franchise that began as "cowboys and Indians in the Towering Inferno" and ended up with the entire eastern seaboard under attack like some mad Kay Burley prophesy come true. Colin Murray liked the opening and closing 10 minutes.

The film's Wittertainment alternative title was suggested by a listener whose name was never mentioned; Simon used the gag, making Mark very cross that he had not thought of it himself. Simon then admitted the joke had come from a listener email but he didn't have it to hand.

Peter in the Czech Republic took his Chinese girlfriend to see Die Hard Four Point Less as a revenge for her making him eat rabbit head soup. She protested that "the Loud Radio Man says it's rubbish." Peter conceded that after the film, there was a 30-minute long silence before his girlfriend said, "you see, you must listen to the Loud Radio Man."