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Not to be confused with Date Movie.

The first film Simon Mayo and the Good Lady Ceramicist Her Indoors went to see together was Death Wish II. Mark Kermode often forgets this piece of information, so is always impressed when he hears it again - "because of all of the Death Wish film, that's the most offensive one."

The story of Mark's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Date is of course well known, as is the fact that Mark and the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors mutual detest for Lars von Trier's Breaking The Waves was a key moment in their early relationship. (The first film that was the Kathryn Bigelow vampire film Near Dark).

Mark has often explained that the logic of seeing a horror movie together is that you get a little scared and so cuddle into your partner for comfort.

One of the Wittertainment production crew went to see Black Sheep as a date movie, and found it had proved to be a good judge of their date's character. Mark thought overall that Black Sheep would be a fine test for a future relationship - one based on integrity, trust and the possibility of taking over the world. This caused Simon to ponder if Mark was effectively establishing a rule that the longevity of a relationship could be predicted based on the first film seen together. Several listeners submitted evidence:

  • Bend It Like Beckham: five years together, engaged for one month (Rian in London)
  • The Natural: 22 years of marriage - "It was so boring, he asked me what time it was. I held up my hand to show him my watch - and he held my hand. The rest is history" (Mary)
  • Grigori Kozintsev's King Lear: 34 years together - after seeing it aged 18 and 19 in black-and-white and Russian (with subtitles). (Tony and Pat)
  • Boogie Nights: "the divorce is imminent" (Nick in Derby)
  • Norbit: "Saw it with a stunning blonde pole dancer, who found it hilarious and kept quoting the characters. I however found it more annoying than even the Good Doctor, and realised that even though she had a body to die for and looks to match, there was really very little between her ears. I ended it and six months later, I wish I'd remained shallow" (Anon)
  • American Psycho: "Half an hour from the end, she turned to me and said, "that's you, that is". End of a beautiful relationship" (Anon)
  • United 93: "Me and the girl from HMV went to see United 93. We didn't speak for an hour afterwards. I buy my music online now" (Nick in Bicester)

In 2008, listener Andrew in Aberdeen took his girlfriend to see Black And White Documentary About Liverpool and she hated it so much that she made him watch Sex And The City as compensation. Andrew added that the film the two of them had first gone to was Inland Empire - which "has led to a stronger, better relationship than if we'd gone to see a generic romcom."