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"A whole other universe of not funny" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Wayans Brothers send-up of the brief mid-2000s urban dance film genre (Step Up, How She Move etc) but released some four years later from those movies. Yet another of the desperate glut of dismal late-2000s "parody" films, along with the likes of Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie, that gave a new-found appreciation of the glory of Airplane!, the Citizen Kane of spoofs in comparison to this dreck.

SIMON: Is it worse than Paul Blart: Mall Cop?
MARK: Paul Blart: Mall Cop is better.
SIMON: But you hated and loathed and detested that with a passion.
MARK: I did. But this is so much worse.

The film started being offensive in its press notes, in which Damon Wayans Jr said - in reference to Dancing With The Stars:

I mean, Heather Mills - everybody wanted that leg to fly off. I was watching, just hoping - "come on, just for once, just let it slide on the floor and turn it into a dance move"."

As Mark summed up both that quote and the film: "I'm sorry - at what point is that acceptable or funny?"