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William Friedkin film in which Al Pacino goes under cover in the gay heavy leather S&M scene in New York.

Simon described it as "Mark to a T."

Mark wanted to make a documentary about the film, but complained on air that Pacino "keeps refusing to talk about it." When Simon pressed him, Mark concedes that this constant blocking amounted to Pacino's agent not having replied to an email.

Much of the footage was obtained by Friedkin going out wearing only a jockstrap (this was before Aids became a terrifying reality). Many of these scenes had to be excised after the first screening to the US censors. In 2007 Friedkin introduced a restored print at Cannes "with all the filth put back in" and Mark was very excited - until Friedkin asked the crowd to applaud his new friend Quentin Tarantino, who had just used the film's theme music in Death Proof. This rather spoiled Mark's mood.