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Game that began online in May 2009 but was mentioned to Simon Mayo by Mitch Benn at the 2009 Sony Awards and Simon introduced on Wittertainment. The point was, of course, to alter film titles to suggest they had been affected by severe budget cuts.

Mitch himself sent:

  • North By Northcircular
  • Escape From New Malden
  • The Taking Of Peckham 1-2-3
  • Both The President’s Men
  • Pan's Basement
  • Ryanair Force One
  • Man Spider

Other submissions included:

  • The Devil Wears Primark
  • Village Of The Apes
  • Withnail
  • Self-Catering Apartment Rwanda
  • O Brother, There You Are
  • Sex And The Village
  • Lord Of The Ring
  • Those Magnificent Men In Their Sewing Machines
  • Bingo Royale

And Mark Kermode himself got involved, suggesting:

  • The Hundred Dollar Brain

But it was Simon whose gag actually stuck, coming up with - as it was on release: