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Northern Irish stand-in Simon Mayo. Once described Mark Kermode as "the motormouth of movies." Murray would later go on to his own career on 5 (not to be confused with 5 Live) as the man tasked with drawing intelligent analysis out of John Barnes. Which makes interviewing Charlie Kaufman a stroll in the park, frankly.

Appalled by Mark's attitude towards television, Murray bought, using his own money, a box set of Curb Your Enthusiasm in and made him promise to watch at least the first four episodes. Two weeks later, while Mark was on compulsory family fun time, he left a voicemail message on Colin's phone confessing that he hadn't watched it. Colin was particularly upset by the brutal way Mark hung up at the end of his message.

Interestingly, at a time when everyone else was in love with Slumdog Squarepants, Murray was vocal in his dislike of it, feeling it had ripped the heart out of the original novel (called Q&A) and changed the ending.

It was Murray who started the Drop A Letter Game, after receiving an email from a listener called James, who submitted 28 Days Late, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hop; The Passion Of The Chris; Children Of Me; Withnail And and The Da Vinci Cod. Murray then suggested Escape To Victor - an effort to locate Richard Wilson's house - Jaw ("he would have been totally ineffective if he only had one jaw") and Grumpy Old Me, "which would probably sum up a lot of us around here."