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The Church of Wittertainment (also known as the 'Cine-gogue') is the collective body of Wittertainment believers who subscribe to the teachings of the good doctors and who demonstrate devotion by tuning in weekly using whatever means available (broadcast, live stream or podcast).

Wittertainees are typically missionary in disposition, and likely to be soliciting converts to the church at any opportunity.

The Inland Revenue has agreed that profits from the iWittr app are tax deductible as it relates to Church-wurchy thingy things.

Members of the church who work for cinemas are allowed to refuse to serve food in movie showings on the grounds that it is against their religion, particularly if they are in New Zealand

The church welcomes all and often sets aside specific zones of worship including:

The exact physical shape of the church is akin to a Hieronymus Bosch etching. It has been suggested that it has similarities with Dr Who's Tardis, and that church stands for Corners Harmonically Unarchitecturally Restricted Cinematic Habitat, allowing it to accommodate and all within its walls.

Ninian MacQueen has gone to the trouble of creating an architectural design for the church.


Other members of this parish frequently named include