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Former Radio 1 Breakfast presenter (and thus a descendent of Simon Mayo) who took Mark Kermode to task over his review of 2012:

MOYLES: I still quite fancy going to see it.

COMEDY DAVE: The film guy on 5 Live on Simon Mayo's show, Mark Kermode, absolutely hates it.

MOYLES: Oh, in that case, I'm definitely going to see it. Because if Kermode hates it, I'll probably enjoy it.

COMEDY DAVE: It's all the CGI that he doesn't like in it.

MOYLES: Yeah. Because if you're going to film a movie about the end of the world, why use CGI? Why not really blow LA up? Dur. "Yeah, we need a shot where the Golden Gate Bridge is collapsing. We'll do it on CGI." "No, God damn it, why not film it for real and then rebuild it?" Yeah, brilliant. Well done, Mark.