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A aural gag from the Rutles - "Che Stadium, named after the Cuban guerilla leader Che Stadium" - ended up getting Mark Kermode in trouble with listeners when it came to reviewing Che Part One. This was because Mark was pronouncing "Che" as "Shay", in keeping with the gag - but in actual fact the Cuban revolutionary leader's name was pronounced, er, "Che".

The film got Mark into trouble with another group of people too - namely the bouncers at Cannes. During a half-time break (Che Part One was being shown back-to-back with Che Part Two) the critics went outside and were given fortifying survival bags containing sandwiches and - controversially, given they are made by Nestle - KitKats. Those manning the doors however would not let the hacks back into the screening for Che Part Two if they still had the chocolate with them. The press pack - inspired by the revolutionary spirit they had been watching - briefly considered storming the doors, but the bouncers said that if they did that, their pink passes would be confiscated. At which point everyone got scared, ate their confectionery and slunk back in.

As a result of Mark's telling this story, Simon Mayo began to refer to "revolutionary KitKats", but Mark insisted that the Nestle connection meant that by definition, KitKats could not be revolutionary. Simon argued that this was silly, but Mark replied, "Simon, you have so much to learn. Let me tell you about South African oranges."