Charlotte from The Subways

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The bass player and singer in The Subways (real name Charlotte Cooper). When a listener wrote in and pointed out that the people Mark and Simon said Hello to .... were all male, Mark remembered that he occasionally says hello to The Subways - who include in their number Charlotte, who is, indeed, a woman.

The Subways were featured in Sir Guy Ritchie's film RocknRolla. This meant that there was a certain degree of awkwardness when Mark played a gig alongside them a couple of weeks after the film's review. Mark ultimately told them that he forgave them for their role in the film.

When the Subways performed in Zurich in November 2008, the dedicated their song Strawberry Blonde to Mark and Simon. Shortly afterwards the group's lead singer Billy crowdsurfed to the bar, shook hands with a Wittertainee called Simon, poured a beer over his head and then crowdsurfed back to the stage. Simon the Wittertainee who witnessed this also thought the support band Blood Red Shoes were excellent, earning their singer Laura Mary Carter a "hello".