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Writer of Dark Mirror, presenter of various -wipe shows on BBC television and columnist for the Guardian. On Gameswipe, Brooker took Mark Kermode to task for his "dripping sarcasm" dismissal of the Nintendo Wii. In Hatchet Job, Mark would accuse Brooker of stealing his idea of waving puppet Smurfs in the audience to illustrate the three'd of Smurfahontas.

Nevertheless, the two occasionally correspond on Twitter.

The head of political and social research at polling organisation Yougov once proposed - in addition to banning U2 - that:

"The Department of Culture, Media and Sport would be split into three new Super Departments. Mark Kermode would be placed in charge of culture, Charlie Brooker would lead media and my long-suffering swimming coach Ian Woollard would be made responsible for sport."

In an interview with the NME, Brooker expressed his frustration with the way Channel 4 News had interviewed him about computer games while watching him attempt to play a new game on a new console, saying "I did think afterwards, you’d never invite Mark Kermode on and say ‘You watch this film, while I ask you some questions about cinema’. You wouldn’t do that."