Bridge To Terabithia

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Children's fantasy film that was one of the key texts in terms of things about which Mark was wrong. Mark felt the film had not earned the right to do the Macauley-Culkin-and-the-bees-bit-in-My-Girl thing that happens around two thirds of the way through. However, England cricketer Ashley Giles informed Mark during the 2007 Lord's Test against West Indies that he (Giles) had almost cried; further, he appreciated the message to his children that "none of us are invincible and we should take care." On hearing similar comments from John from the production team, whose kids had loved it, Mark conceded that he was wr- he was wrrrr - he was perhaps not quite right.

By December of that year and the release of Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium - a kid's film whose message was "everybody dies" - Mark was thinking he really did owe Bridge To Terabithia a reappraisal.