Bride Wars

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"Everyone will tell you it's a chick flick. Only in the sense that if you ground it up and fed it to battery hens it might be better served than running it though a projector in a cinema" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Starring Anne Hathaway in a performance that consists entirely of her eyebrows waggling up and down as if attached to a Moulinex blender, and Kate Hudson in a performance exactly opposite, as her skin is stretched so tight she cannot actually move at all.

2009 did not start well for Dr K. The first film he saw was so terrible, that he pledged to give up film criticism if it wasn't one of his 10 worst films of the year. He also challenged viewers to suggest films they thought were worse than Bride Wars. In the end, even adding films he wasn't convinced were worse, he put it at number 8.

Simon Mayo initially suggested this was a stupid stand to take on films like this, but Mark pointed out, "Simon, you don't have to see them."

One person who did see it was Simon's daughter. Three times.

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