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Given his A-list megastar status, it is rare for a Brad Pitt movie to be unremarkable. He has appeared in a number of films famed in Wittertainment, from the rhapsodised The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford; the indifferent Inglourious COUGHING; the mocked Burn After Reading and Forrest Gump with A-levels; and the downright awful Ocean's 12 and Babel.

Simon Mayo claimed in 15 February 2013 podcast that Zoe Ball referred to him as an "older Brad Pitt". Though the anecdote has been repeated several times to Simon's amusement, it's still very difficult for Mark to accept it.

When Pitt's former wife Angelina Jolie was on the programme, she decided that her then husband needed a quiff like Mark's. One Wittertainee, Donald in St Andrews, submitted that the perfect man had been created: "Mark from the scalp up; Brad from the scalp to the floor."

While Pitt and Jolie were still together, Jolie adopted a double-barrelled version of her surname. The Good Doctors believed that Brad should also, and so the show would refer to him as Brad Jolie-Pitt. This obviously won't happen any more.