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Boyd and Floyd, or The 'Oyds', are regular stand-in sermonisers in the Church of Wittertainment.

They are Boyd Hilton, television and review editor of Heat magazine, and Nigel Floyd, film critic for Time Out magazine (and member of the pharisaic cadre). They first stepped in when Mark Kermode was struck down with swine flu in October 2009, reviewing Up and Zombieland (and giving away the cameo).

After Basic Instinct 2 was trashed by everyone except himself, Nigel and the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors, Mark revealed that someone called Jonathan Ritter had once said that Mark and Nigel write their reviews by committee. Mark protested that this wasn't true, it was simply that "we're right and everyone else is wrong." Indeed, Nigel once told Mark off for stealing his jokes about 10,000 BC, only for Mark to protest that he hadn't even read Nigel's review - it was just that it was impossible to watch that film without thinking about Apocalypto, I Was A Teenage Caveman and Rod Hull, and further investigation by Mark revealed that pretty much every reviewer had come to exactly the same conclusion.

Boyd occasionally does the reviews without Floyd - it was while doing this with Richard Bacon that he coined the epithet Liberal Guilt: The Movie to describe Crossing Over, for example.