Boston Consul General

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Harriet Cross, Her Majesty's Representative in the New England area of the ex-colonies known as the United States of America. She (yes Mark she is definitely a she) is an LTL and member of the Church of Wittertainment, as well as being an iWittr user.

Harriet made a memorable appearance on the podcast on 14th July 2017. Her husband, Phil, is a micro-brewer (this refers to the fact that he makes small batches of beer not that he is a brewer of diminutive size) and she gave Mark and Simon some samples of his product. The Good Doctors have previously wished Phil a happy birthday while she was working in Saudi Arabia. She also confirmed the existence of diplomatic bags, their resistance to being attacked with feeble scissors and that the French Consul General speaks French in Boston.

Harriet, and her diplomatic friends, can be found in the Diplomats Dungeon within the Church of Wittertainment.