Biddy Baxter

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Editor of children's TV show Blue Peter who turned Simon Mayo down for a presenting job. Just think how different the history of the world could have been. Wittertainment could have been presented by two Marks (Kermode and Curry) and Simon would have been remembered only as the bloke who accidentally knocked the head off a life-size man made of Lego.

Baxter was also on the panel when the appeal was made against the BBFC's decision to impose 16 seconds' worth of cuts to Last House On The Left. Mark Kermode was the star witness at the hearing, speaking up in favour of the film as an important piece of cultural history that deserved to preserved intact.

So poor was Mark's evidence, that not only were the cuts upheld, they were doubled.

Baxter's role in these events cropped up during the review of College Road Trip and Mark's explanation of his maxim that the nicer the movie, the nastier the people involved in making it - now known on Witterpedia as the Martin Lawrence rule.