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Ben is an actor, writer, musician, rapper, comedian and now radio presenter also known as Doc Brown. The name Doc Brown is a direct reference to the character in Back to the Future, played by Christopher Lloyd, which suggests Ben has a big movie buff streak of nerdism.

He first contributed alongside Robbie Collin on the show on 1st April 2016 and described himself as "a fan", making several knowledgable references to the show's past catchphrases. He has dropped a "Love the show Steve" at the end of an interview with Steve Wright, although the exact nook he resides in within the Church of Wittertainment is yet to be established, Rappers Recess perhaps.

His middle name is definitely Bailey, and not Baby as some Wittertainees appear to have misheard it. After all, everyone knows no-one puts Baby in the middle (I'll get my coat).

Ben worked on the songs in Joe Cornish's Attack the Block. He discusses the film here in an interview with Adam Buxton.

He is now a TTP, two times presenter, and resides on the Supply teachers terrace.