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Robert Zemekis' synthespian-packed CGI romp version of the Anglo-Saxon myth Beowulf, with Ray Winstone, Angelina Jolie and Sir Anthony Hopkins. One of the earlier examples of the new era of 3D - the format in which Mark Kermode said it should be seen in, on the grounds that the flatscreen version would show up more of the many flaws. The film contains an extended Austin Powers-style naked fighting sequence in which helmets, shields and frying pans constantly fling themselves into shot in order to cover up the computer Ray Winstone's genitals. Not that this saves his dignity.

Mark was surprised that the film had got away with a 12 certificate from the BBFC, given the levels of violence and Jolie's giant naked CGI cloven-hoofed lizard witch.

The film is notable in Wittertainment mainly for the long discussion on the pronunciation of the title, which Mark knew how to pronounce ("Be-o-wulf") having studied the text, in the original Anglo-Saxon, at Manchester University. Simon, who said he had been in "the fourth set" at school, continued to pronounce it as "Beerwolf", to Mark's increasing annoyance.