Basic Instinct 2

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A 2006 sequel to the Paul VerHOOFEN movie Basic Instinct, filmed in the UK that starred occasional stand-in co-host of the show David Morrissey. It has its fans, one of whom is Mark Kermode, the other being the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors.

Mark enjoyed very much the moment that Charlotte Rampling says "she left early? Oh. How Lacanian of her." Unfortunately, Simon did not know what "Lacanian" meant, which prompted a discussion about the definition of the word that was so overly deep that Morrissey himself ended up texting the programme to say "there is one joke in Basic Instinct 2, and you have killed it." (Which is actually not true, as the film also contains the line "even Oedipus never saw his mother coming.") This discussion ultimately led to the coining of the word "Kermodian".