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Listener-participation fun that started on Twitter and was sent to Wittertainment by a listener named Paul. It was a successor to the Game with no name in which people sent in plot summaries of films in reverse - eg Boxing Helena: a surgeon performs a series of life-enhancing operations on a young woman. It's the feel-good hit of the summer!

Other suggested backflips included:

  • Superman - Superman puts people into a series of precarious situations and then hides.
  • Friday The 13th - about a magic hockey player who heals a bunch of teens so they can go to Camp.
  • Memento - is Memento, but forwards
  • The Bourne Identity - man rampages across the world trying to forget his identity, only to regain it after a long swim
  • The Italian Job - Michael Caine gets his coach out of a precarious position, picks up three wrecked Minis from the bottom of a cliff, gives the Italians a heap of gold, goes home, visits Noel Coward and goes to prison
  • Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory - a boy returns a sweet factory to its rightful owner, regurgitates sweets and is escorted from the factory, plunging his family into poverty
  • The Sound Of Music - a family crosses a mountain range to join the Nazis, before forgetting how to sing and banishing the governess to a nunnery
  • Alien - tasty female astronaut gets changed out of spacesuit, large scary lizard-man shrinks into John Hurt's stomach, and everyone goes for a long sleep
  • Speed - after a bus is formed out of an explosion, Sandra and Keanu have to drive backwards at 50moh whilst people risk their lives jumping onto the bus. Eventually it stops and everyone arrives at their destination perfectly content and ready to get on with their day
  • The Graduate - unemployed guy drops his girlfriend off at a church so she can marry another man, then sleeps with ex-girlfriend's mother and goes to college
  • There / Will / Be / Blood - Daniel Day-Lewis saves a priest's life and is inspired to save the environment by putting all the world's oil back into the ground
  • Finding Nemo - father loses son in Sydney, embarks on mission to find him, only for wife to die at the end
  • Ocean's 11 - everyone gets out of prison, puts money into a Las Vegas bank vault and then goes back to prison. This is a palindromic backflip, prompting Mark to wonder if, were a backflip to be done of Todd Solondz's Palindromes, it would be as annoying the other way round.

Eventually - as is often the way - the game was ended by a listener in Frankfurt submitting an edition of Wittertainment as a backflip:

"Two men on the radio rush to name the week's best movie release - often without even giving a review - so that they can get on to reviewing the inferior big-budget ones, before launching into the main event - a lengthy and digression-rich run-down of the Box Office Top 10 in decreasing order of popularity."