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The Box Office Top 10 was given an unusual twist in 2007 when, following the classification of 28 Weeks Later by the BBFC as 18 for "strong bloody gore and violence", Simon asked Mark to give the BBFC verdicts on all the films on general release. There was a slight misunderstanding: Simon had wanted the actual BBFC guidance, but Mark had assumed something more was demanded of him ("you could have got a flunky to do that") and instead came up with his own takes, which Simon described as "comedy shtick."

The films were:

10) The Painted Veil - "contains strong Toby Jones and moderate Ed Norton"

9) This Is England - "contains very strong racist violence, but not enough to get an 18 certificate, at least not in Bristol"

8) Alpha Dogs - "sex, drugs, murder, Justin Timberlake, blah, blah, blah."

7) Blades Of Glory - "some scenes my unsuitable for extreme homophobes"

6) Mr Bean's Holiday - "extended scenes of torture and cruelty from opening credits to closing curtains; irresponsible behaviour includes seeing it"

5) Fracture - "contains Sir Anthony Hopkins and violence to the Welsh accent"

4) Wild Hogs - "previous classified under alternative title City Slickers"

3) Next - "next"

2) Bridge To Terabithia - "contains scary scenes with emotional distress" (this was the the actual BBFC classification, which Mark felt could not be improved upon)

1) Spider-Man 3 - "involves cruelty to your bum"