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Wittertainment - or more properly, Kermode and Mayo's Film Review Show - was hosted on the BBC radio station that is either now, or previously has been, known variously as the following:

  • BBC Radio 5 live
  • BBC Radio 5
  • Radio 5 Live
  • Radio 5
  • 5 live
  • 5live

The station is officially styled as 5 live, although even its own website pages aren't always sure. But because Mark's time on the station predates that style change, he still uses Radio 5, which was the name when the station launched as a comedy / children's / sport hybrid station in the early 1990s.

Simon seems to enjoy correcting Mark on this point.

For quite some time, it has been the station's policy not to refer to the fact that it can be heard on medium wave radio (specifically on 909 and 693), with the preference being to talk about it being available "on digital and online". Mark enjoys pushing back against this diktat, frequently asking "are we available on medium wave?" On one occasion, while Mark was reviewing Underwhelmed: Rise Of The Lychees, the 909 transmitter got knocked off air and replaced by music, although not the 693 one - prompting both Mark and Simon to give regular updates on the broadcasting status to people who could not in fact hear them. The 909 transmitter eventually kicked back in halfway through U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday.

5 Live make a number of podcasts, which Wittertainment has been noted by the station management to be failing to promote. So on 7 April 2017 they ran a trail to 5 live consumer team with Martin Lewis. Which we have done too.

They broadcast their last show on this station on 1st April 2022 and will be moving to a pod only show from 5 May 2022.