Apothecaries' Atrium

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The portion of the show that is the realm of the titular apothecaries, together with pharmacists.

They can provide expert advice on Man Flu, for which they recommend a specially formulated linctus (see also Jeez Linctus!) called Kermode and Mayo's Cough Wassyrup.

This is the first in a line of treatments for WRIs. Other products are:

  • The Muriël Strepsil‏‎, for sore throats induced by ranting
  • Solpadine Stanton, for Michael Bay headaches
  • Benylin Cumberpatch, for tickly coughs necessitating the need for a mute button
  • Imodium Stubbs, for the treatment of Danny Dyerrhea
  • Mark Kermodium, the fast relief for Danny Dyerrhea, which is also known as a bout of the Old Trots or Silent Running. May cause some flappy handedness and an intense dislike of U2, but these side effects are rare and temporary. Should you experience the Death of narrative cinema or 30% light loss, please stop taking immediately and contact your GP.
  • Simon Maalox, a treatment for the stomach discomfort caused by the over indulgence in Battenburg cake and Euro pudding. How do you take it? You just take it.

Currently in development is a treatment for the dyspepsia brought on by the oeuvre of McG. The working product name for this is currently "Alejandro González Iñárritu", although this may be too long for the label.

Unfortunately they have been unable to develop a cure for Brechtian Alienation, but they are of the opinion that a good wallop with a Handbag full of marbles should be enough to bring the afflicted to their senses. Indeed this could work for a whole range of ailments, including AALS.

Behind the counter, the apothecaries can be found tutting over the appalling inhaler technique demonstrated by Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale.